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The whole project can be built with the build.xml Apache Ant file (in the project root directory) with the all target. It can be built with Java 1.3.1 or later.
Note that we use a version of Checkstyle which requires Java 1.4. The build may failed with Java 1.3.

Even if you want to use an IDE, you will need to use Ant because Java source code must be previously generated (by RbGenerator ;-) before the code can compile.
Use the build target of the RbUtils build file.


Note : please also check the use page to know the runtime dependencies which are also compile dependencies.
All provided libraries are stored in the lib/ directory. The version number of all the dependencies can be found in the README file.

Here you have the third party jars you need to add to the classpath if you want to compile and run the project.

Jar Description Version Scope Provider
ant.jar Taken from from $ANT_HOME/lib/ directory 1.6.5 compile Apache Ant
ant-launcher.jar Starting Ant, taken from $ANT_HOME/lib/ directory 1.6.5 running test Apache Ant
ant-nodeps.jar Used for Xml validation, taken from $ANT_HOME/lib/ directory 1.6.5 running test Apache Ant
ant-trax.jar Used for XSLT, taken from $ANT_HOME/lib/ directory 1.6.5 running test Apache Ant
Xalan Only for JDK 1.3.1; as not embedded with JDK, the easiest way to use this is to place all Xalan jars into the $ANT_HOME/lib/ directory and overidde already in place jars 2.7.0 build and test run Apache Xalan
junit.jar With the ant build, need to be placed in the $ANT_HOME/lib/ directory 3.8.1 running test Junit

Note: RbUtils has been tested with these third party libraries versions. It should work with other binary compatible version of these libraries.
No tests have been done with Ant 1.7.


The sources are in the src/ directory; the generated Java sources are placed in the gensrc/ directory by the Ant generaterb target.


The sources are in the test/src/ directory; you also need to compile java source files in the testinputs/properties/ directory to the testoutputs/classes/ directory.

In order to work, you have to set the basedir global property with the project root directory or start the jvm with this directory as user.dir system property.

When running, the classpath must also contain the testoutputs/classes/ directory.