Using RbUtils

This page describes how to use RbUtils tools.

These tools have been tested using JRE 1.3.1 and later.
The latest version of RbUtils can be found at the RbUtils home page.


The easiest way is to include rbutils-all-0.13.jar in the classpath. This contains all the classes required to run RbUtils.
Alternatively, you must include the following in the classpath (all these jars are provided with the distribution):

Jar Version Scope Provider
rbutils-0.13.jar - Required RbUtils ;-)
commons-lang.jar 2.3 Required Apache Jakarta Commons Lang
commons-io.jar 1.4 Required Apache Jakarta Commons IO
commons-cli.jar 1.0 Command Line utilities Apache Jakarta Commons CLI

Note: RbUtils has been tested with these third party libraries versions. It should work with other binary compatible version of these libraries.
Warning: as shown in RBUTILS-016, you should not use commons-lang-2.4 (at least with RbGenerator).