This document describes how to run the RbChecker using the command line tool.

RbChecker will check all properties files found in the specified root directory against ResourceBundle found in the classpath.


As all RbUtils command line tools, RbChecker uses the common options.

Here are the RbChecker specific options :

Classpath note:



Run RbChecker on all properties files of the root directory with the properties extension and use the plain logger (log error in the console).

java org.ktc.rbutils.rb.check.RbCheckerCli -r /usr/myproject/src

Run RbChecker on all files of the root directory with the props extension, use a plain logger (log error in the console) and a xml logger (log error in a xml file).
Note: do not forget the double quot when specifying the logging file if the path contains spaces.

java org.ktc.rbutils.rb.check.RbCheckerCli -r /usr/myproject/src \
     -e props \
     -l plain \
     -l xml;"C:\projects\My Rb tool\rbgenerator.xml"

Run RbChecker on 2 files of the root directory and use a quiet logger (exit only with the number of errors without printing anything).

java org.ktc.rbutils.rb.check.RbCheckerCli -r /usr/myproject/src \
     -f com/compagny/extended/myr2b.rbInfo \
     -f com/compagny/ \
     -l quiet

Run RbChecker with a custom File Checker on files with the rbInfo extension (use plain logging into the console).

java org.ktc.rbutils.rb.check.RbCheckerCli -r /usr/myproject/src \
     -e rbInfo \
     -c com.wt.WtFileChecker