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RbUtils is a development tool which provides utilities for Java ResourceBundles.
     - RbChecker checks if a properties file has a corresponding ResourceBundle that can be loaded from the classpath
     - RbContentLister displays the content of a ResourceBundle
     - RbGenerator generates Java ResourceBundle source file by processing properties file

These utilities can be used with Java 1.3.1 or later. Both command line tools and ant tasks are provided.
RbUtils is open source and is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


Additionnal information about the project can be found in our SourceForge wiki.


19 June 2009

RbUtils 0.13 is now publicly released.

This release contains the following changes:

Next release will focus on making extensions easier.

22 July 2008

RbUtils 0.12 is now publicly released.

This release fixes the following bugs:

19 February 2008

RbUtils 0.11 is now publicly released.

This is a major release with bugs fixes, documentation improvements and the availability of the new RbContentLister tool.
This is also the first release published at SourceForge after our completed move from the former website.

12 December 2007

RbUtils 0.11-SNAPSHOT-03 is now available at Source Forge.
This is also the last time we publish new documentation on our former website. Please note that the new website will be available at SourceForge soon.

30 October 2007

We are currently moving our site to SourceForge; please visit RbUtils SourceForge Home Page. The forums are already available. Bug/Rfe Tracker will be available soon.
Enjoy ;-)

14 July 2007

RbUtils 0.11 is currently under development. As we have already fixed some major bugs and improved the documentation, we make a snapshot version publicly available. See the RbUtils 0.11-SNAPSHOT-02 download page.
Enjoy ;-)

28 June 2007

RbUtils 0.10 is now publicly released.

It was previously intended to be released as, but due to major improvements, we upgrade the version number.
Developments for this version ended on December 2006; we are currently developping the 0.11 version and we hope to make it public as soon as possible...